What 12,607 Views, 4999 Reads And 220 Fans Taught Me?

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These are the results I got in the month April.

Interesting? Want to know how I got them?

Let’s dive in.

Learning #1 | Solve People Problems As Much You Can

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This principle is used by many famous business owners in their products and services.

Here you basically solve the problem which many people are facing currently.

So How I am solving people's problem?

By sharing my experience.

Let's a look at few of my articles that solved people's problem.

#1: How To Find Low Competition Keywords Like A Pro!

In this article, I had explained all the strategies I know personally to find the best performing keywords.

Firstly, I shared how you can use google to find keywords.

Then questions through multiple websites. Then finally low competition keywords for free with their competition and CPC.

Why They Find It Helpful?

Today every new blogger wants to rank his article on top pages of google.

But everyone can't afford the expensive tools like Semrush and Ahrefs which provide you the exact keywords needed to rank.

So that's why my article worked like a goldmine for them.

Because they got all the things, a keyword research article should have. This solved their problem and my article got viral.

#2: Only Strategy To Grow Your Instagram Page (From 0-1K) Followers

In this article I discussed the best strategy which helped me reached 0-1K followers fast.

Here I shared my results, How my reels got viral, How to get maximum number of saves, etc.

Also all the tools I use personally to create content.

How These Article Helped People?

Today as we all know instagram is getting very popular these days and its developers are bringing a lot of opportunities to help people earn money.

So my article again worked well here. Because I shared the exact ways to grow your followers genuinely.

That's why it again got viral.

So as you have seen how I helped people and in return my articles got boomed.

This is the power of solving problems and helping people.

As when you start helping people with no expectations, the universe pays you off automatically.

Learning #2 | Story Speaks Better Than Anything

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I ask you a question. What would you prefer more? Reading a genuine story of a successful person or random facts.

Stories right! Why do you chose it?

Because stories shares experience of a particular person who has achieve something in life and following him/her, you can achieve that same results in less time.

As you don’t have to repeat all those mistakes that person had done.

Also stories build huge trust among people. Try it in your articles. I guarantee you that people will become fan of you.

Learning #3 | Looking At Stats Will Not Help!

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I was that kind of guy who used to procrastinate a lot seeing stats. In first 10 days of medium, I didn’t even got 500 views.

Then suddenly my story got viral and It break all the barriers.

That time I realised stats are temporary, they are created to change everyday.

You don’t have to compare them with yourself. Just keep creating content without any expectation and rest all things will fall into place.

Learning #4 | Consistency Is Must On Medium

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I had seen engagement drop in my stats when I had taken a gap of few days in writing articles.

On the other hand, When I write for 2–3 continuous days, I had seen a spike of growth in my stats.

I know it is boring! But that’s the reality.

I am not telling you to write daily but instead make a schedule in a week with a dedicated day and time.

Example: In next week, I am planning to write 4 stories. So the best days are Mon, Tues, Wed and Thursday.

Ok! Now you have the fixed days to post. Let’s set a fix time to post. This helps the algorithm bring best results for you.

I am choosing 5PM in evening for my posts. Similarly you can set your own time.

Final Thoughts

The stats I got were temporary but the learnings that I got will stay for lifetime.

I don’t know how you will respond to this article. Because this is all about my personal experience.

So you may have or may not have benefitted from it and I completely understand it.

But if you are reading till here then you must have got atleast 1% benefit from this article.

I hope you will achieve even greater results than this. I wish you great success.

Leave a link to your personal growth story on medium (in the comments), I will read each one of it and share my opinion about it. Pretty excited to read them.

Let’s break the algorithm with flood of responses. Just kidding ☺! Thank you for reading.

Finally, You can Follow Me To Support My Work. Also If You Don’t Want To Miss Any Of My Stories, Join Me Here. Have A Nice Day. Love You All.



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