Own the Year 2024: Introducing Everyday Success Kit (ESK)

Giving away a set of notion templates for free, to fuel your daily wins in 2024.

Yugant Nakhawa
2 min readNov 26, 2023
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Want to revolutionarize your upcoming year?

Well, if your answer is yes...

Then I have something interesting for you.

As we're on the cusp of starting a new year. I am giving away a set of notion templates for free i.e. Everyday Success Kit aka ESK.

It includes:

  1. 📚 BookSpace: Your personalized book library in notion. Organize and tracks books effortlessly. Cultivate the habit of daily reading in this upcoming year.
  2. 🔁 Habit Tracker: A notion template to track all of your habits in a customized dashboard. Regularly Log, visualize and celebrate your progresses. Build some really good habits in 2024.
  3. 🗃️ Quick Notes: A notion template to help you capture ideas and thoughts on-the-go. Now stay creative everywhere.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about ESK

1. Can I customize the templates?

Absolutely! The templates are customizable to suit your preferences and needs.

2. How do I access the templates after download?

Once downloaded, you'll get tutorials for each template to help you set-up everything easily.

3. Can I use ESK on mobile devices?

Yes, ESK is optimized for both desktop and mobile use.

4. Will I get lifetime updates?

You'll be notified about the updates in future and yes, it is accessible for lifetime.

A Small Request.

Flood this story with thousands of claps so that more and more people can get benefit from it.

and if possible comment down your thoughts about whether you liked it or not, to help me improve.

Because I’m planning to launch more products for free in this new year and your kind words will definitely motivate me to bring them to you as soon as possible.


Thank you for reading :) See you there.



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