My Life (Before & After): 100th Story on Medium.

My 100th Post on Medium.

Yugant Nakhawa
2 min readMar 1, 2023
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It's been almost a year since I started writing regularly on Medium.

Never thought I would write that much content here, especially because I've a bad habit of shifting platforms.

I started my online writing journey with my own website, but it failed.

Then I shifted to the Instagram theme page, again it failed.

Then I started writing on Quora, got thousands of views and impressions there but I wasn't able to make money, so I quit.

Understand that the biggest motivation for any writer is money.

If you think you're not writing for money. You're lying to yourself. Because money may be your number 1 priority but it is the damn important thing in your life.

I agree that it can't buy happiness but without it you can't survive.

That's where I found Medium to be the perfect match.

I started regularly on Medium from March 7 2022. Yeah I took breaks multiple times in between but it didn't stop me from writing here.

Slowly I started enjoying the process. People showered plenty of love on my stories which made me stick for a longer time.

Most importantly, the medium pays me money for my writing. It is not much but still it is enough to keep me motivated.

Also I wrote my first-ever ebook which was again liked by people.

One year back a college graduate with

  • no audience.
  • no plan.
  • zero writing skills.

Fast forward to today

  • loyal audience.
  • detailed plan for 2023.
  • improved writer.

I am grateful to each and everyone of you for showering so much love.

Also I completed 150K views and 50K+ reads on the platform. Can't thank you enough.

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I've decided to write more frequently. So you'll see a lot of articles this year.

Can't wait to write more. Pretty excited for future.

Thank you for reading. Have a nice day guys. Bye. Love you all :)



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