Medium vs Other Writing Platforms!

Comparison of medium with other writing platforms.

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Currently the three main competitors of medium are: Tealfeed, Simily and (

But I will still say medium is better. Here I am not criticizing these platforms but keeping the real picture forward.

While analysing I found that these platforms have a very long way to go.

As people are not familiar with these platforms and have some major drawbacks:

  • Better Story Editor: Medium story editor is far better than these platforms. It provides you with a lot of features.
  • Lack of readers on platform: As these platforms are quite new. You will hardly find readers on platforms.
  • Different paywall technique: Medium stories are metered under paid subscription. Vocal pay readers based on the views while Simily is still testing their partner program and tealfeed just launched their creator program.
  • Not supported on smartphones: Vocal just created their iOS app but they are still working on the android version. While tealfeed and Simily are just starting their journey so they don’t have any mobile application.
  • Stats Problem: Vocal stats are not perfect and don’t refresh quickly. While Simily and tealfeed don’t have their stats section which makes it difficult for creators to find their view count.
  • Publications: Medium has a lot of big publications on their platforms created by top writers. While vocal have its own publications on the platform.

So these are some major drawbacks I found in medium alternatives.

I am not saying medium is best but these platforms are quite new and have to adapt accordingly to become successful in the longer run.

Coming to downsides, medium is also not a perfect platform. They still have to improve a lot and fix some obvious issues like partner program in stripe beta countries.

With this thought, Let’s wrap up this article here. Thank you for reading.

Which platform do you think will be the biggest competitor of medium in future? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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