Keyword Golden Ratio to Help You Rank Easily on Google!

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It is a technique discovered by Doug Cunnington to help you research targeted keywords that rank easily on the web.

As these days, Long tail keywords are also getting more competition, KGR technique can be a life saver for you.

In the KGR, We use the most famous google operator i.e. allintitle and find the targeted long-tail keywords which can actually rank on google.

So How to use KGR technique? Let’s understand in detail.

KGR Technique Explained:

Here you have to divide the number of allintitle results by its search volume and the search volume should be less than 250.

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I found the same range keyword for you to show it as an example.

Keyword: local keyword research tool

KGR Ratio: 0.21 (Find through Free Ahrefs keyword generator)

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As you can see in the above image, the KGR Ratio is less than 0.25 which tells us that it can rank in the top 50 results easily.

Now I know you may ask me what is the use of ranking in top 50 results as people will never find me for that keyword.

Well in the beginning, It does rank in the top 50 results. But if your content is worthy enough then google will push it in top 25 results and then in top 10 results.

So this is how the process works.

Final Thoughts:

I will suggest you to always choose keywords with KGR ratio 0-1.00.

Please don’t go beyond it otherwise you will find it much harder to rank.

Well there is no rocket science here. You just need to find the right keywords here which obviously takes time but do benefit later.

I hope you enjoyed the article. Thank you for reading.

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