How to Become Indistractable (in 2022)

A Step-By-Step Guide To Help You Live Distraction Free Life.

Yugant Nakhawa


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Indistractable means doing things that are essential even if you are working in a distracted environment.

It doesn’t mean running away from distractions but to do what is necessary.

Before learning how to become Indistractable? Let’s understand, What is distraction?

What is Distraction?

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Distraction is something that suddenly grabs your attention from whatever you’re doing.

Example: Getting distracted through notifications on smartphones.

Now the opposite of distraction is "Traction" which means doing something which takes your attention back to your work.

But how you actually get distracted. Let’s learn the psychology behind it.

How Do You Get Distracted?

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Triggers play a very important role in distracting us. There are two types of triggers which usually distract us.

Internal Triggers: These are the triggers that force you to take action from within. Example: Habit of eating chocolates everyday.

External Triggers: These triggers usually come from your environment where you live or visit. Let's take the same example. Now the habit of eating chocolates everyday comes from seeing the chocolate shop nearby.

Now we have learned enough about distraction. Let's learn how to become Indistractable?

Master Internal Triggers:



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