How I Became Fat-To-Fit In Less Than 5 Months (From 86 KG To 65 KG)

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

I was one of the biggest foodies out there. Never tried to control myself, Ate almost every unhealthy thing.

But I stopped at the point when I realized that I am getting more fat than ever. It affected my agility, stamina, etc.

I used to get more exhausted a lot more than ever. I used to feel burnout only after a 100m race and to the point that I finally end up vomiting.

I was not at all happy with my body. I was looking uglier day after day. Feeling demotivated, under-confident, and unattractive.

Slowly friends started making fun of me, because of my obesity. I was going below average in my studies.

You can consider it one of the worst phases of my life. As Nothing was going in my favor.

So one day I woke up and decided to change everything. Doesn't matter how much time it will take, Doesn't matter what things I will lose.

I want to be fit and healthier at any cost. That's when My life changed.

So If you want to know How I achieved this goal. Then stay till the end.

Because I will be revealing my old fat photographs, Crazy lessons I learned during this journey.

Also, Tips to stay fit forever (Not joking) and many more. So without any further due. Let's dive in.

Beating The Point Of Frustration:

What is the Point Of Frustration?

“It is the point to which results seem unachievable. You don’t see any changes in your life even if you are working hard but the process is happening.”

When I started to work on my body. I cut down almost every unhealthy thing. I was a big fan of ice creams and soft drinks.

I completely quitted them. I started eating only healthy home food. Also, I started working out a little bit according to my body weight.

But even after following this thing for almost 1.5 months, I was able to lose just 2 kgs.

I felt very much demotivated at that point. I started thinking I'll be never become fit again.

But one inner call from my heart was saying: Go Forward! Don't Quit at this point.

So I continued with what I was doing and within the next 7 days, I lost more than 3 kgs.

It was almost unrealistic for me and then I realized the power of the process.

So I continued with this routine for the next 2 months and lost 16 more kgs, which took me to 65 kg from 86 kgs.

These are some of my photographs from fat to fit.

Now don't leave considering the article is over here.

The main purpose of this article is not just to show you my results. Its purpose is to help you achieve results in your life.

So stay with me. Now I will be discussing some life lessons which I learned during this journey.

5 Life Lessons I Learned From This Journey

Photo by Austin Schmid on Unsplash

These are the life lessons which I learned during this beautiful journey.

Lesson #1 | Avoid Fast Food As Much As Possible:

By providing instant dopamine in our body, these foods are very much dangerous.

It makes you lazy, gain unnecessary weight and affect your overall performance.

Understand that sometimes it is okay to eat such foods but becoming addicted to them will surely harm you.

Don’t become addicted to anything. Addiction is far more dangerous than anything out there.

Lesson #2 | Don’t Eat Things Over Your Own Capacity:

Most people eat something just to satisfy their mind needs without actually understanding how much food do you need.

Overeating can cause you harmful things like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

I am not an expert in this subject but what things I observed I am sharing with you.

The best way to measure when you are full is:

Getting your first burp after eating food. This is the signal of the body that your body has eaten sufficient food.

So keep a look at this important thing.

Lesson #3 | Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Exercise:

Exercise has several benefits but rarely do people try to do it.

You can start with almost anything in which you are comfortable.

It can be running, skipping, etc. But surely try to be a little bit active in the day. You can even do a 15-minute warmup just to make your body movable.

Believe me, this little bit of exercise will make wonders for you in the longer run.

Don't ever underestimate because you are talking to a person who has achieved results by doing such things.

Lesson #4 | Switch To Healthier Alternatives:

You can choose fruits over your favorite sweets, Sugarcane juice and buttermilk over coke, etc.

Just find some healthier and tastier alternatives that can fulfill your cravings.

Because habits are very hard to break but they can be replaced easily so instead of directly going extreme, use the power of replacing them.

This will not only satisfying your needs but also you will become a part of healthier revolution and most importantly you will be proud of yourself.

Lesson #5 | Utilize The Power Of Eating Slowly:

You must have heard this point many times but it is quite difficult, especially for beginners.

Because we live in a world where everything happens fast.

We woke up in the morning and suddenly we realize that our day has passed without doing anything.

Becoming conscious of what we are doing can not only help you to stay fit but also you will be having plenty of time.

Also eating slowly makes you full at the correct time so there will be no risks of overeating.

I will not suggest you chew food at a particular number but my suggestion will chew food at least more than 15 times.

This will be worth trying and you will surely come up with results.

Personal Tips To Make Your Fitness Journey Easier And To Stay Fit Forever

Photo by Jamie Brown on Unsplash
  1. Practice Oil Pulling: According to google, Oil Pulling is the practice in which an edible oil is swished in mouth for small period of time i.e. 5–10 minutes and then spat out, similar to mouthwash. It is capable of improving oral and whole-body health. It can easily help you lose 1–2 kgs.
  2. Do Skipping and Squats: Through Skipping, I had seen much results in less time and squats is called is the mother of all exercises, so you can understand its importance. Start slowly and increase it with time for more benefit.
  3. Use Apps To Keep Track: Tracking is very powerful thing which if mastered can change whole game for you. Keeping track of your actions, steps will help you to stay motivated without getting disturbed.

Final Thoughts

All the things I had discussed have worked for me because I was very passionate about my goal and my WHY was very clear.

It will definitely work for you if you are committed to your goal.

Don’t expect overnight success in this thing. You will not become fat to fit by just eating any pill.

You will have to work hard for it. With this note, I would now like to end this article. I hope you enjoyed.

Personal Tips Which You Can Share With People?

Your little efforts will help people achieve great things in life.

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