9 Keystone Habits to Get 1% Better Everyday!

Keystone Habits to Get 1% Better in 2023.

Yugant Nakhawa
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What are Keystone Habits?

Keystone Habits are the high-impact habits which brings a fundamental change in your life.

It has its positive as well as negative side.

If you developed a positive keystone habit, then at the end-of-year, you get 38 times better.

Similarly, if you develop a negative keystone habit, then it creates a ripple effect by making you 1% worse every day.

So it is very important to develop positive Keystone habits. I already wrote a detailed article on 1% better habits.

So you can consider it as Part-II of that article. Now, without wasting any time, Let’s begin.

#1 Journaling

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Journaling has already changed the lives of millions. I

But to be honest, I never tried it. Until last Sunday when I read awesome comments on a video named “I tried journaling for 90 days” by Ali Abdaal.

I was amazed to know that people had been trying it for years and how it was beneficial for them.

So I decided to give it a try and the results were amazing.

Everytime I write how I feel during that day, Whether I am happy or feeling low? All the depression, envy, anxiety, anger fades away in minutes.

As David Allen said: “Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them”.

This is the reason I have become more consistent than before. I have 50+ topic ideas in my content calendar already. This is the power of journaling.

Try it yourself and then let me know.

#2 Practicing Gratitude



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