7 Free Websites I Use While Designing Graphics!

Yugant Nakhawa
3 min readSep 17, 2022

Use These Free Tools To Make Your Designs Stand Out.

Image Source: Tiny Designer (Freepik)

Your designs can become more creative when you have the right tools in your kit.

I have seen from my experience that: The main reason behind any worst design is not only lack of creativity but also lack of resources.

So to help you overcome this. I am sharing 7 helpful websites to take your designs to the next level.


Author Screenshot Storyset

It is a company by freepik to provide you with a lot of free illustrations.

Also, the best thing about storyset is that: You can customize the colour and design of the illustration according to your need.


Author Screenshot Flaticon

Again a company by Freepik but this time it's for stock icons.

There are thousands of free icons available on the site which you can customize according to your need.

I will suggest you to create an account on this site (which is free).

The main benefit you will get doing is you will be able to download unlimited free icons, While without login Flaticon only lets you download 5 icons per day.


Author screenshot Canva

It is the evergreen platform for designers. Almost every creator knows about it.

Because you can create engaging graphics in minutes which require hours on photoshop.

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