5 Brain Games To Instantly Boost Your Brain Power

Games You Should Start Playing To Increase Your Brain Power.

Yugant Nakhawa
4 min readJun 14, 2022
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People usually devote their important time to relationships, career, studies.

But have you seen anyone devoting enough amount of time to train their brain.

Nah! Why? Because people don’t know its importance. People don’t take it seriously.

Jim Kwik says: The brain doesn’t learn through consumption, It learns through creation.

It means doens’t matter how much good content you consume if you don’t use it for creation. It is of no use.

But training mind seems a boring concept. Isn’t it?

Yes it is. That’s why here are 5 brain games to make your training process easy.

Let’s dive in.

Game #1 / Rearrange

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In this game, You have to arrange mentioned things in alphabetical order.

Example: Suppose if you have to rearrange the all months of year alphabetically.

Then the rearranged sequence will be:

  • April
  • August
  • December
  • February
  • January
  • July
  • June
  • March
  • May
  • November
  • October
  • September

Similarly you can play this game with any possible sequence.

This game improves connection between neurons and helps you focus on important part.

As you try to instantly arrange everything in order.

Game #2 / Memory Game

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Let’s do one exercise. Read the passage thoroughly:

Alex is 7-year old kid. He lives in New York, USA. He loves to play video games. His favourite game is Angry birds.

Read it for at most 2–3 times. Now close you eyes and try to recall it.

You will instantly realise how good is your memory.

How many sentences you are able to recall in one go?

If you had focused on the key points and followed my instructions. Then things might have been easier for you.

There were many key points like: Alex, 7-year old, New York USA, Video games, Angry birds.

You can play this game with even bigger sentences for more benefit.

Game #3 / The Other Hand

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Now, This is something exciting.

In this game, You have to do all important things with your opposite hand.

Example: If you brush with your right hand, Then do it with left hand. If you wear watch on left hand, Then wear it on right hand.

Just switch tasks with other hand. Well doing this helps your brain work with full capability.

Also this make you more productive.

Game #4 / Schulte Table

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This game is very popular and few of you might already know this.

Go to google search: Schulte Table. Now set a timer of 30 secs and arrange all the numbers in ascending order.

This makes your brain active instantly as you have to search for the numbers.

This is little similar like rearrange game. But here you have to find numbers in particular amount of time.

This makes this game a little bit difficult. Try this game and share your experience the comments.

How much seconds you took to solve complete table?

Game #5 / Multicolored Text

Author Screenshot

In this game you have to call the colour of text and not the name mentioned in the above image.

Initially you will find it very difficult because your brain don’t have a habit of doing such things.

So if you stuck initially then it is completely normal. Just complete the sequence within the mentioned time period.

And you will come to know how your brain reacts when you put it in unnatural situations.

Final Thoughts

So These are few games which will help you to boost brain power instantly.

Whenever I get time I personally try to play few of this games.

This boosts my brain power and also helps me to think out of the box. I hope you find it helpful too.

Topic Idea from Himeesh Madaan Sir (YouTube).

Share your personal experience after playing this games? Thank you for reading.

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