11 Hidden Search Operators To Make Your Keyword Research Easy!

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We all use google knowingly or unknowingly every single day.

It may be for normal web surfing, keyword research or to complete any important task.

But do you know? This search engine has some hidden operators inside it that will make your research even more easy.

Don’t worry if you are not aware of it. As I am covering 11 hidden operators on google to make your keyword research easier.

Let’s dive in.

#1 allintitle:your keyword

This will display the results which include your keyword in their title.

Example: You can see results in below images, As I only got articles filtered with keyword "Keyword Research" in their title.

Also try "intitle" operator to get more filtered results.

#2 allinurl:your keyword

This will display the results which include your keyword in their url.

Now, What is the URL?

URL is a uniform resource locator which locates you to a specific web page from any device (e.g: https://yoursite.com)

Also try "inurl" operator to get more filtered results.


#3 site:yoursite.com

This operator will help you fetch results from only the mentioned site.

Example: You can use operators like-

  1. site:yoursite.com "How To" (This is just for example purpose, you can view below image to get more clear idea)
  2. site:yoursite.com "2022"
  3. site:yoursite.com "Blog"

Similarly you can play with more keywords to get desired results.

#4 related:yoursite.com

This operator will find sites related to the mentioned site. See below image to get a more clear idea.

#5 stocks:your keyword

Using this operator, You will get a particular stock’s exact price with some extra information.

Apple Stocks Screenshot

#6 source:yoursite.com

Get information from a particular source using this operator.


Forbes Billionaire List Screenshot

#7 map:your keyword

This operator will provide you with a map of any particular place.


Google Map Screenshot

#8 cache:yoursite.com

Google crawlers crawl your website almost every hour.

So if you want to see your most recent crawled activity then this operator is useful.


Blogger.com Cache Screenshot

#9 your keyword filetype:pdf

This will provide you with a mentioned filetype of any particular book, magazine, document, etc.

You can even use "ext:" in place of filetype to get similar results.


#10 weather:your keyword

This operator will provide you the exact weather conditions of a specific location. Don’t believe me, try it yourself.


New York's Weather Screenshot

#11 Your Keyword OR(|) Your Keyword

This will search for the first keyword mentioned or the other keyword mentioned in the term.


Final Thoughts:

These operators will make your keyword research easy as you don’t have to search things for a longer duration.

This gives a simple yet effective solution to your stressful searching journey.

Let’s wrap this article here. Thank you for reading.

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