1000+ Followers on Medium in Just 3 Months 🤩

My Journey From 0-1000+ Followers on Medium in Just 3 Months, With Few Key Learnings.

Yugant Nakhawa
5 min readJun 16, 2022
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I published my first ever article on medium, back in Dec 7, 2020.

At that time, My aim of writing on medium was to gain traffic for my blog.

You can see in the image below. I published two consecutive articles with purpose to boost my blog traffic.

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The fun fact about these articles is 😂: Most of the views I got on these articles are from my own profile.

Yes! You heard it right.

I was the one who repeatedly goes and read this articles again and again, in false hope that this articles will go viral one day.

That’s why the read ratio on both of these articles is much higher in comparison to my other articles.

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So due to not getting sufficient views on both of these articles. I quit writing on medium.

Later in Jan 2022, I enrolled in the virtual internship program.

Where the main requirement was to publish my internship experience in the form of an article on medium.

So here it is:

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Now you might ask me, You are writing on medium from years.

Then how can you conclude that you achieved this milestone in 3 months?

The perfect answer to this question will be:

Yes! I Accept that I started writing on medium, back in 2020. But you can see the time gap between this 3 articles. It’s almost 2 years.

Another fun fact is: In the span of 2 years even after writing 3 articles. I was having 0 followers.

So you can imagine my seriousness towards this platform.

I started serious writing on medium on March 17, 2022.

When I published my first ever well researched, well formatted article on medium.

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In the above image you can see this article got a whopping amount of views because of publishing in right publication (i.e. Better Marketing).

This was enough to motivate me for writing more articles in future😉.

After this, There was no happy ending. As my views kept on fluctuating every week but that’s how I reached.

Now let’s learn few learnings I got during this journey.

1. Create a Writing Routine & Stick To It:

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At the end of march, One of my articles got viral. It gained 1000+ views in just one day.

Today it has around 8.2K+ views as you can see in the image below.

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After this, I wrote another article on same topic and that went viral too with 8.8K Overall views till now.

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So I thought I had finally cracked the algorithm and took things for granted.

I stop writing consistently. Then one day I saw a huge decline in my view count.

In the image below you can see my views almost got half.

Author April vs May Reach Down

That’s when I realised other people on medium will replace you if you are not consistent enough.

So I prepared a writing routine for medium which includes posting 3–4 articles every week.

I am following this routine till today and it has given me huge returns.

You can see the proof below. My views got 7.5X times better 😊.

Author May Month Stats Screenshot

Also you can see I gained 500+ followers in just 15 days of writing in June month.

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You can create your own schedule. There is no compulsion in following mine.

But try to write atleast 3 articles per week for better results.

2. Learn From Other Creators:

Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

In my case, The biggest motivation was Har Narayan. I saw that he is growing immensely through writing consistently.

So I immediately applied it and you can see the results.

I am not saying: Start copying others. In my case I took inspiration from him.

Don’t Become a follower. Become a Active Learner.

Also the second creator I learned from is: Nicolas cole.

I am working on review of his great book which will help you to develop your writing skill. Stay tuned for it.

He is an amazing guy. Top Writer on Quora, Published in Inc Magazine, Have no words to describe him.

One of the top writers I have ever seen in my life.

Similarly you can learn from your favourite creators which you admire most for further benefit.

3. Respond To Every Comment You Recieve:

Photo by LinkedIn Sales Solutions on Unsplash

I had seen people leaving their comment box empty. But it is not a good impression on your audience.

Because they invest their precious time in commenting on your article.

So it becomes your responsibility to reply them and make them feel important.

Understand that your content is king but audience is your kingdom. You can’t grow without loyal audience.

So try to engage with them as much as possible.

I guarantee you that you will see a immediate spike in your growth.

Final Thoughts:

I am so much grateful to everyone who followed me. You all are amazing.

Without you, It wasn’t possible. So thank you so much.

Love You 3000 😉

Please share your thoughts in the comments if you genuinely find it helpful.

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